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The CopperBridge Foundation is a robust, non-for-profit organization* whose mission is to foment and promote cultural exchange through the medium of artistic expression.  


The Foundation was formed to serve the public through the acquisition, conservation, exhibition and interpretation of significant works of art from a broad range of Caribbean, African, North and South American cultures; with a special emphasis on Cuba. Given the island nation's proximity to Florida, its incalculable impact as a cultural muse and its superlative artists, CopperBridge provides passage and furthers cross currents of cultural interchange between Cuba and the United States of America.   


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An international arts organization, based in Miami, Florida with satellite offices in Manhattan and Rio De Janiero,  the CopperBridge Foundation is developing a full suite of artist service programs, activities and cultural interchange.



Activities that translate into meaningful educational, aesthetic, intellectual and cultural experiences for the widest array of audiences. Representing  a  wide scope of disciplines and genres; including painting, sculpture, music,  dance, documentary  film, performance art, literature and visual media. It is the goal of the CopperBridge Foundation to foster creativity, individual growth and advance global understanding, tolerance and a renewed appreciation for cultural diversity.  


The Caribbean is a rich tapestry woven from threads of African, European and native influences.  Artistic expression dates back to a time before time.  Since the mid 20th century the region has experienced an explosion of creative output that is exemplary of world class artistic expression. 

Copper Bridge Foundation provides free passage through the organization of exhibitions, competitions, workshops and artists’ seminars.   Not only can the ‘art’ travel, but the ‘artists’ as well.

"By building a cultural 'bridge', Art acts as a conduit between the Caribbean and the world; uniting people of different back-grounds, religions and beliefs in a myriad of ways.  Art is our common language helping to create a dialogue between people who may have more in common than they suspect. Travel the CopperBridge in a multicultural journey that recognizes we are one world and through the medium of art great things can and will coalesce into a more harmonious place for all."




*501-c3 Pending.

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