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Chock a block with exotic treasures, items as whimsical as cobalt blue piggy banks, hand scribed rings of carved bone, curios and objects des artes.

The fixtures are organic works of art, every where the eye glances something is surprising, yet nothing inhibits.

Happy Face Collection
$10 to $26
Saints Candles


California Lane Duck T.V. Lamp $75

African Doll Head Vase

Steel Shank Ice Skates
Size 5

Westminister Chime Regulator Clock

Old Mammy Dust Broom

Gypsy Collectors TShirts
100% Cotton

Miniature Pink Doll House
(with furniture available)


Wicker Baby Carriage circa 1930's

Perfume Bottles Cobalt Blue

Jardinaire Italian White Vase

McCoy 1954 Old Car Planter

California Pottery Horse Head Bookends

Fresh Sage, Cedar
Nag Champa

Male Bisque Doll Head (Handpainted Porcelain)

Handmade Cuban Dolls with handstitching

McCoy Madonna Head Vase Ceramic

Cuban Saint Statues


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